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ebm-papst “Cleans Up” as “Heaviest Haul” Winner for Past Four Years!

The “Heaviest Haul” award is given to teams, in various categories, who collect the largest amount of refuse, during the Town-Wide Clean-Up collection period.

Located at 100 Hyde Rd, ebm-papst manufactures energy-efficient industrial fans and motors, with a GreenTech approach. This approach is based on the principle that each new product developed must be better than its predecessor, in terms of economy and ecology. So, it is not surprising that their Senior Director of Marketing, Phil Hartman, would organize their employees to participate in the annual Farmington Town-Wide Clean-Up.

In 2012, ebm-papst dedicated time and resources to start a GreenDay event at all of their locations worldwide. They organized employees to participate locally in a variety of Green Effort opportunities. Phil, a West Hartford resident, had been involved in the annual “Source to Sea Clean-Up” of Connecticut’s rivers and streams, for many years. He decided to bring that passion to the Farmington grounds of ebm-papst, cleaning up the adjacent wetlands and roadways. However, that year, a mother bear and her cubs were living in the wetlands, so they took their clean up to the Farmington River. The following year, the bears had moved out, so Phil and other employees concentrated on the area surrounding their offices, and then returned to the Farmington River in 2014. During their GreenDay event in 2015, the ebm-papst volunteers learned from Bay State Textiles that the Town of Farmington hosted a yearly Town-Wide Clean-Up. As a result, the group decided to join Farmington's efforts in 2016.

Since 2016, Phil and 5-8 other ebm-papst employees gather annually, on the Friday before the actual Farmington Town-Wide Clean-Up Day. With a company truck and supplies from the Green Efforts Committee, they clean up “areas in need,” in Farmington. Since joining the Town-Wide Clean-Up efforts, ebm-papst has won the business category for the “Heaviest Haul” contest every year. This year (2019) was a new ebm-papst record, with 737 pounds of trash collected – they hit the jackpot on Birdseye Road! All totaled, since Phil and the other ebm-papst employees began clean-up efforts in 2012, they estimate they’ve collected over 2,000 pounds of refuse!I asked Phil why he continues to organize this yearly clean-up, and he said, “Besides being a good corporate neighbor, there is more trash on the sides of the road than people realize. Even after cleaning, trash inevitably returns by the next year, and a certain amount ends up in our waterways. Whether it’s a single person or a group, an investment of several hours or just one hour, a big impact can be made by individuals and companies.” We thank ebm-papst for their dedication to the town of Farmington!

The 2020 Town-Wide Clean-Up happens Saturday, April 25th. It's not too early to start organizing your business to challenge ebm-papst, and become the new winner of the Heaviest Haul competition!

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Registration Policies

  • Registrations are accepted online (credit card), via mail (check or cash) and in-person (check, cash or credit) at one of the following locations.
    • Community & Recreational Services, Staples House, 2 Monteith Drive, Farmington, CT
    • Farmington Recreation, 1 Depot Place, Unionville, CT
  • Credit Cards:  All major credit cards are accepted online or in-person.
  • Cash and Checks are accepted via mail and in-person.
  • All programs, classes, leagues, etc. are filled on a first come, first served basis.
  • Participants will be notified only if a class is filled and your name has been placed on the wait list or if a class has been cancelled. Unless you are notified, please assume that you are enrolled in the class in which you are registered.

 Financial Assistance

  • Financial Assistance Program: Farmington residents may qualify for a reduction in the cost of a program based upon the Federal Income Poverty Guidelines. An Eligibility Application Form needs to be completed and verified to qualify for a scholarship.
  • Deferred Payment Plan: If you are unable to make a payment-in-full at the time of registration, arrangements can be made with the Recreation Supervisor, Geoffrey Porter by calling 860.675.2540.

Program Cancellation Policy

  • Farmington Recreation reserves the right to cancel any program due to low enrollment numbers. Please register early!
    • If cancelled, you will be notified by Farmington Recreation via email and will have the option of transferring to another activity or obtaining a full credit or refund.
  • Farmington Recreation reserves the right to combine or divide classes, to alter the time, date, and location and to make other revisions in these offerings, which may become necessary.
  • Every effort will be made to make up classes cancelled due to weather, instructor conflicts, etc. However, activities cancelled due to circumstances beyond the control of Farmington Recreation may not be made up nor refunded.
  • Program cancellation due to inclement weather will be announced on CBS Channel 3 Eyewitness News First Alert and NBC Connecticut 30.  When possible, Farmington Recreation may email cancellations via  Farmington Recreation programs follow the school cancellation policy. If school is cancelled or dismissed early due to weather, then all Farmington Recreation programs will be cancelled.

Refund Policy

  • Refunds and/or credits for non-team sports programs, minus a $10.00 processing fee per program [except where indicated], may be granted when requested up to one week prior to the start of the program.
    • Refunds and/or credits for sports leagues such as soccer, basketball and other team sports may not granted after the deadline to register unless Farmington Recreation can find a substitute participant.
  • Once the decision has been made to run a program, refunds and/or credits will not be granted unless Farmington Recreation can find a substitute, or if there is a medical emergency.
    • Refunds will be issued for medical related concerns when accompanied by a physician's note.
  • Absolutely no refunds and/or credits will be given for any used portion of a program.
  • All refunds will follow the Finance Department's bill paying schedule. There will be no cash refunds. Please allow two - four weeks to process a refund.
  • Because of the above policy, it is requested that careful consideration be given to registering for any program offered by Farmington Recreation.

Inclusion Services

  • Farmington Community & Recreational Services provides inclusion services for individuals with disabilities at no additional cost to the registrant, although for some programs, you may want to bring along an individual who will be responsible for assisting you in your participation.

    If you or a family member has a disability and want to request a reasonable modification in order to participate in a program, please complete your registration and our Inclusion Assessment Form and submit to Recreation Supervisor, Geoffrey Porter at  The ideal amount of time for an accommodation request is at least four weeks prior to the program or class start date. We will make every effort to accommodate any request regardless of time constraints, however providing program accommodations for a drop-in program or last minute registration may not be possible. Inclusion services may include additional training for staff members, program adaptations, modified equipment, and when necessary, an inclusion companion to assist the registrant within the program.

 Recreation Scholarship Fund & Donations

  • During today's hard economic times, we realize that there may be Farmington residents who cannot afford the fees for Farmington Recreation programs. A Recreation Scholarship Fund has been established to assist Town residents who are experiencing financial difficulties. You can help support the Scholarship Fund by adding $1.00 (or more) to your registration fees. This donation will go directly into the Recreation Scholarship Fund. Thank you for your support.

Volunteer & Staff Background Screening

  • Thank you for your interest in applying to volunteer or work with Farmington Community & Recreational Services. Keeping our staff and participants safe is a top priority. To help insure this safety, background screens for prospective staff and volunteers are a necessity.

Submitting your application takes less than five minutes.  Please click here to get started.