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DO's & DONT's

The Town of Farmington has the benefit of two major rivers that flow through its borders: the Farmington River and the Pequabuck River.  These rivers provide a habitat for wildlife and provide many aesthetic and recreational opportunities includingStorm-San_Sewer Diagram canoeing, fishing and swimming to name a few.  These benefits however, are ours to enjoy as long as we are good stewards and protect the water quality of these rivers and all the smaller tributaries that ultimately flow into them (collectively called a watershed).  We all must do our part to prevent stormwater runoff from polluting our waters.  Under natural conditions, rainwater and snow melt runs overland, where it collects impurities before flowing into rivers or streams either directly overland, or inside a storm sewer system via catch basins.  The result is the discharge of untreated runoff into the same rivers we treasure for their aesthetic and recreational values.  We can all do our part minimizing the impurities that stormwater runoff comes in contact with. 

Many people may not be aware where storm water discharges.  Storm water runoff from roofs, lawn, driveways and other surfaces on your property, flow either directly or indirectly to streams, wetlands, or ponds through catch basins and a network of storm drainage pipes.  See what happens when you use a rubber duck to simulate stormwater pollution.



If Pollutants were a "Rubber Ducky"