2019 Farmington High School Building Committee

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Charge of the Committee at the March 26, 2019 Town Council Meeting:

To perform the following actions pertaining to the Farmington High School Building Project in accordance with Chapter 53 “Public Buildings,” of the Farmington Town Code:

  1. Appoint a Farmington High School Building Committee consisting of the following voting members:

    Meghan Guerrera, Chair

    Chris Fagan, Board of Education Member

    Ellen Siuta, Board of Education Member

    Johnny Carrier, Resident

    Sharon Mazzochi, Resident

    Garth Meehan, Resident

    Michael Smith, Resident

    And the following non-voting members:

    Paul Cianci, Town Council Liaison

    Beth Kintner, Town Council Liaison

    Kathleen Blonski, Town Manager

    Kathleen Greider, Superintendent

    Scott Hurwitz, Farmington High School Principal

    ___________________, Farmington High School Support Staff

    Vince LaFontan, Farmington Public Schools Business Administrator

    Tim Harris, Farmington Public Schools Director of Facilities

    Other Town and Board of Education Staff as needed

    Kathryn Krajewski, Clerk of the Committee

    2. Charge the Farmington High School (FHS) Building Committee, in addition to the general responsibilities included in Chapter 53 of the Farmington Code, to complete the following tasks, listed below as Part I and Part II.

Part I:

a) That the committee shall review the approved statement of needs, FHS survey, previous building committee information, Town of Farmington financial impact and forecasting documents, and other reference documents as needed, in preparation for the proposal of a comprehensive building project (renovate, renovate with additions, renovate as new or new construction) for Town Council review and approval

 b) That after the review is complete, the committee shall engage multiple firms to generate competition to get initial design concepts for conceptual solutions that address the Statement of Needs for:

  1. Maintaining the current FHS Facility; 
  2. Renovation in the existing footprint of FHS (including renovate, renovate with additions, renovate as new, etc.); and 
  3. Completing a new building option on the existing FHS site or other locations.

c) That pricing for options b (1) through b (3) above shall be prepared by an Owner’s Representative/Value Engineering Professional who shall be selected by the Committee.The Owner’s Representative/ Value Engineering Professional shall be retained by the committee and shall be independent of any of the firms who have submitted a proposal for the FHS facility.

d) That after the architects have completed their plans and after the Owner’s Representative/Value Engineering Professional has completed their analysis of the proposed plans, the Committee shall report the options to the Town Council, who shall have exclusive authority on the overall project scope and cost of the project.

e) That the Committee begin to consider alternate/other locations for a new building.

Part II:

That once the Town Council has reviewed the options presented by the Committee and the preliminary pricing, it shall re-charge the committee with:

(1) An overall project scope; and

(2) A range of the net municipal cost of the project with guidance from the Owner’s Representative’s/Value Engineering Professional’s preliminary pricing options.

The committee shall then complete Phase 1, Preliminary Plan Development, per Section 53-4(B) of the town ordinances.

Once Phase 1, Preliminary Plan Development, is complete and the Project is approved at the Town Meeting and referendum, the Committee shall proceed with Phase 2, Final Design Development, as described in Section 53-4(C) of the Town Ordinances.