Frequently Asked Questions

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Farmington Village Center Committee
Frequently Asked Questions

Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • Are there any easements on the property that prevent the Town from fully using the site?

  • Are there any wetlands or floodplain on the property?

  • Are there grants available to help clean up the property?

  • Can the Town use the needed environmental clean-up costs to reduce the purchase price?

  • Has the Town considered the traffic impact?

  • Has there been a professional market study performed?

  • Has there been any input from Farmington residents into the process?

  • Has there been any thought as to how the entire area should be developed?

  • How did the State become the owner of the Parsons property?

  • How much did the State pay for the property?

  • How much will it cost the Town to buy the property?

  • Is the State done working in the area?

  • What about the neighboring properties? Who owns them? Are they available?

  • What does the Plan of Conservation and Development (POCD) say regarding the property?

  • What happens if the Town declines to purchase the property?

  • What is the environmental condition of the property?

  • What is the process for Farmington to acquire the property from the State?

  • What is the zoning for the property?

  • Will the new signs the State installed that obstruct people walking on the sidewalk be removed?

  • Will there be better landscaping and flowers planted?