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The Bulky Waste Collection Program allows residents who have trash and recycling collections by the Town's contractor to contact the Farmington Highway and Grounds Division of Public Works directly to have bulky items picked up at the curb twice per fiscal year at no cost to the resident. Please call 860-675-2550 Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., at least one week in advance of your normal trash pickup day with a list of items that you would like picked up.  The bulky waste will be picked up by a separate truck on the same day of the week as your normal trash pickup.

Acceptable Items:

  • Large Furniture: Limit 2 TOTAL per household - i.e.: couches, overstuffed chairs, box springs and mattresses (a mattress & a boxspring is considered 1 piece of large furniture).
  • Appliances: Limit 2 TOTAL per household - Doors must be removed.
  • Tires/Rims: Limit 2 TOTAL per household - Passenger / bicycle tires only - Tires must be removed from rims.
  • Plumbing Fixtures: Limit 2 TOTAL per household - i.e.: Sinks, tubs, and toilets only.
  • Carpet/padding:  Must be rolled and taped or tied.  Maximum length of roll limited to 6 feet.


Weight for all acceptable items is limited to manual lifting by two (2) persons.

Length for all acceptable items is limited to 6 feet.

Unacceptable Items:

  • NO Building Materials:  i.e. Lumber (Clean lumber with no nails/hardware/NOT pressure treated or painted, bring to Tunxis Mead Compost Area; Unclean lumber, call CWPM @ 860-829-0714),  shingles, sheetrock, brick, stone, concrete, and other construction items.  For a fee residents can bring most building materials to CWPM in Berlin 829-0714.
  • NO Plywood
  • No Pallets:  (residents may bring to the Tunxis Mead Compost Area)
  • NO Stumps or lawn debris
  • NO Motor Vehicle Parts or Batteries: Motor vehicle batteries and used motor oil in small quantities are the only two items that are accepted at the Highway Division of Public Works). Any other Hazardous Material left will be considered illegal dumping.
  • NO Propane Tanks: They can be brought to most retailers that fill the tanks. A small fee is usually charged.
  • NO Televisions, Computers (desktop or laptop), Monitors, Printers, Keyboards:  As of 7/1/10, the State of Connecticut mandated recycling of these electronics known as "Covered Electronic Devices" or CED's.  These items will not be collected and must be brought to a recycling center.  Green Monster e-cycling located at 150 Brook Street, West Hartford accepts CED's as well as other electronic items for recycling.  Please call 860-816-2281 or visit their website at:


Oil base paint, pesticides, and petroleum products will not be collected and are not acceptable at the Highway and Grounds Division of Public Works.  For dates and locations information please call the MDC at: (860) 278-3809 or visit their website at:    



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