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Temporary Certificate for Outdoor Dining

Post Date:05/12/2020 1:52 PM

Dear Restaurateur,

As you prepare to reopen your restaurants, the Town of Farmington would like to offer you guidance if you are considering offering temporary outdoor dining or if you need modification to an existing outdoor patio.

At the May 11, 2020 Town Plan and Zone (TPZ) Commission meeting, the TPZ approved a streamline process for restaurants to obtain a Temporary Certificate for Outdoor Dining (TCOD)

The process is as follows:

  • Temporary Certificates for Outdoor Dining (TCODs) will be processed via mail and email and will not be a part of the viewpoint system - these are not permits, they are considered temporary certificates. There is no filing fee for this application
  • TCODs will be reviewed by the Planning Division for site layout and safety concerns, e.g. dining in active parking areas will require safety barriers
  • TCODs will be reviewed by building and fire officials for safety as well as any tents or other structures that can cause damage in high winds or create a fire hazard
  • A TCOD request will be forwarded to Farmington Valley Health District (FVHD) for their review
  • A TCOD cannot be approved if safety is not adequately addressed
  • Internally, TOCDs will be distributed via email to the greatest extent possible with a request to all to treat them with a sense of urgent
  • Once a TCOD is approved, it will be filed with appropriate notations, conditions, or other requirements in our paper and/or electronic street files.
  • Enforcement will be conducted on as needed basis. From the Planning Division perspective, we can only enforce the spatial elements of the plan, and not the social distancing guidelines. If tents and structural shelters of any kind are used, the Building Official and Fire Marshal will exercise appropriate jurisdiction.
  • Click Here for FVHD Outdoor Dining Health Requirements
  • Click Here for Application for Temporary Outdoor Dining Certificate
  • Click Here for Farmington's Guide for Temporary Outdoor Dining Certificates and Retail Uses
  • Click Here to contact Mark DeVoe, Farmington's Town Planner
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