Business Assistance

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The Town of Farmington is one of the economic leaders in Hartford County. Our community is the ideal town to work, live, play and prosper. 

Farmington is committed to meeting the needs of its business community, because the foundation of a strong local economy is the success of local businesses. The Town is dedicated to maintaining a growing nonresidential tax base and a pool of job opportunities within the Town in order to provide an improved standard of living for all its residents.

The Town and its business and corporate community share a common goal to develop successful businesses, which improve the quality of life for those people who live or work in Farmington. To realize this goal the Town has committed itself to working in partnership with current and prospective businesses and corporations.

The Economic Development Commission (EDC) and Town Staff will aid existing and new businesses by:

  • Providing information so businesses can make optimum use of available municipal services.
  • Providing technical assistance and general information to businesses regarding government programs and local private sector financial institutions from which they can secure project financing.
  • Working with businesses and their consultants to pre-plan facilities and operations.
  • Assisting in finding an appropriate site.
  • Providing support to obtain town board and commission approval and permits.
  • Working with business and consultants to design code compliant appropriate facilities.
  • Monitoring to keep the project on a scheduled time line.

For personal assistance, please contact Farmington’s Economic Development Office at 860-675-2395.

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