Community & Recreational Services

"The Community and Recreational Services Department continues its mission to manage resources, provide wholesome programming and coordinate opportunities to achieve creative solutions for a healthy community."

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Farmington Senior Services is committed to providing information and education to support our senior residents as well as their families.  We offer a variety of programs and services for the elderly community including our Caregiver Support Group, Low Vision Support Group, and telephone reassurance.

Community & Recreational Services Program Guide

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Elderly Outreach Services

The goal of this service is to reach out to our Farmington and Unionville residents who are over the age of 60.  This service provides support and assistance for those who may be home bound or are having difficulty getting out into the community.  

Caregiver Support Group

Caring and/or assisting an elderly parent?  This group provides information regarding town, state, and federal programs and resources, as well as housing safety, home care, and transportation.  We are available to discuss financial eligibility guidelines as well as short and long term planning.  The last half hour of each session will focus on concerns members have regarding the situation of their loved ones.

Finding the right caregiver for aging loved ones is a daunting task as there are a lot of important things to consider for a carer: experienced, trustworthy, caring, and others. If you are looking for an online resource, this article is great starting point - A Family’s Guide to Hiring the Right Senior Caregiver.  This extensive information will help you to decide on the various senior care services for aging adults.

Caregiver Information

Our office provides caregivers with information regarding available programs, resources, services and support.

Telephone Reassurance

Volunteers are available to provide regular check-ins on elderly residents.  If you are aware of a resident in town who could benefit from this resource, or are willing to volunteer, please contact our office.

Low Vision Support Group

A group for residents who are beginning to lose eye sight and are legally or totally blind.  The group includes speakers with tools to assist you, information on how to manage around the house, general safety, and open forums to discuss concerns and worries.

Socialization & Recreation Group

This is a program for seniors who would benefit from socialization with structure.  The group uses different media including conversation, food, activities, crafts and music.