Historic Hikes

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Lt. Vincent H Coreʼs Memorial - A level 1.4 mile trail in Farmington Memorial Forest to where 2nd Lt. Coreʼs P47 Thunderboltplane crashed on a training flight in 1945. The Memorial is dedicated to his focused decision to avoid major population centers nearby. Trailhead Location

Suburban Park has 1-2 miles of trail over hilly glacial terrain including 5 kettle holes. The trail passes foundations from an electric amusement park which was a recreation destination from 1895-1905. It is in one of Unionvilleʼs Historic Districts. Trailhead Location

Farmington Canal & River Trail is a 1.0 mile trail that follows the Farmington Canal towpath to itʼs junction with the Unionville Feeder Canal, then turns north along the Farmington River. It also includes a short spur trail to the west abutment of the Farmington Aqueduct (1828-1847). Trailhead Location

Shade Swamp Sanctuary Blue Trail is a 1.3 mile trail on rolling glacial terrain off rt. 6. The trail takes you by a number of structures built by the CCC in 1934, including one which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Trailhead Location

Power Dams Trail - A level 2.0 mile trail off the Farmington River Trail, to the 3 sources of power for Unionville in the 1800ʼs. Over 1,000 feet of an earthen dam remain, along with the west dam abutment and wing-wall. Trailhead Location

Heritage Bridge Trail is a 2.6 mile out-and-back hike from Tunxis Mead Park passing the Farmington Boat House to the Heritage Bridge, where you can see evidence of 5 eras in Farmingtonʼs history. Trailhead Location

Farmington Flats Loop Trail is a level 3.0 mile trail across the bottom of a former glacial lake that created the rich agricultural soil found in the Flats and changed the direction of flow for the Farmington River from south to north. Trailhead Location

The Canal Aqueduct & Henry Mason Trail is a level 0.8 mile trail combination to the site of the east abutment of the Farmington Aqueduct (1828-1847) and the bridge to the Henry Mason Trail with its 10 tree identification signs. Trailhead Location

Auto tour of Farmingtonʼs Two Canals: The longest canal in New England was the Farmington Canal. Most of its water (from Granby to New Haven) came from the Unionville Feeder Canal. Experience the Canal Era of 1828-1847 by car and short walks. You will discover the Farmington Aqueduct and both of Farmington’s canals. Both walks are less than a mile.