Frequently Asked Questions

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Where does the storm drainage in my neighborhood drain?

Answer:  Many people may not be aware stormwater runoff from roofs, lawn, driveways and other surfaces on your property, flow either directly or indirectly to streams, wetlands, or ponds through catch basins and a network of storm drainage pipes.


What Can I do to Help?

AnswerUse this link to access our webpage 10 Things to Prevent Stormwater Pollution


How could I report a potential stormwater pollution problem?

Answer:  Contact the Town of Farmington Engineering Division (860.675.2305) or email


How can I purchase a rain barrel?

Answer:  Rain Barrels can be purchased at your local home improvement stores or online.  The cost of a rain barrel can average from $50-$100.  You can also construct a rain barrel for as little as $15.


How can I construct a rain garden?

AnswerSee how to construct a rain garden


How can I maintain my lawn and limit stormwater pollution?

Answer:  You can maintain a green lawn and healthy landscape if you utilize the proper plant material for a particular area and apply the proper fertilizers at the appropriate times.  Fertilizing lawns and garden prior to a heavy rainstorm, results in most of the fertilizer running off into nearby storm drains and waterways.  Use this link to access our webpage 10 Things to Prevent Stormwater Pollution


Can washing my car at home pollute the environment?

Answer:  As many as 140 gallons of water can be used in a 10 minute home car wash.  Most of the water is washed down the driveway along with soap, surfactancts, oil, and sludge directly into storm drains and the environment, polluting rivers and lakes.  Waste water from professional car washes is piped to water treatment facilities. Use this link to access our webpage 10 Things to Prevent Stormwater Pollution.


I have a septic system and/or private drinking well.  What should I be aware of?

Answer Have your septic system pumped and inspected regularly.  Test your well water regularly as well.  Improperly operating/maintained septic system can lead to polluted surface and groundwater, and significant repair costs.  Do not wash paint brushes/supplies in your sinks or driveways.  Consider purchasing disposable paint supplies.  Do not dispose of household chemicals down the drain, where they can enter your septic system and contaminate the groundwater.  See the FVHD webpage on Subsurface Sewage Disposal Systems.


What can I do with old paint and chemicals I have in my home?

Answer:  Paints can be recycled at certified drop-off locations.  For paint drop-off locations in your area, please go to  For any other chemicals and cleaning supplies, the Town of Farmington hosts an annual Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day.


Where can I dump motor oil, engine fluids and motor vehicle batteries?

Answer These items can disposed of free of charge, at the Highway Garage located at 544 New Britain Avenue .  Motor oil and engine fluids must be in containers of 3 gallons or less.  Never dump motor oil or other engine fluids down storm drains or onto the ground.