Fall Leaf Collection

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Leaf Collection Schedule:

Due to weather conditions, the 2019 fall leaf collection is complete.

The collection began on Monday, November 4, 2019 starting with the First Phase.  The 2nd Round was completed on November 27, 2019.


 Leaf Collection Schedule for Residents on Town-owned Public Roads only (no businesses, Condo Associations, etc.):

Leaves are to be raked to the street edge, NOT on the road surface.  If you place the leaves on the roadway surface you are in violation of CT General Statutes (CGS) 19a-335 – “Nuisance on Highway” and this is enforceable by the police.  Leaves mixed with branches and other debris will NOT be picked up.  A collection of all the Town’s public streets will be completed at least twice, weather permitting. The trash collection service is not responsible for leaf collection and will NOT pick up leaves.

PLEASE NOTE:  These are TENTATIVE SCHEDULES and subject to change due to weather and leaf conditions.

The First Phase of leaf pickups will begin in the following areas of Town:

Areas of:  Unionville center, Perry Street, Bidwell Square, Lovely Street toward West Avon Road, Farmington Avenue east toward the Highwood and Knollwood Roads.
 Crew-2: Areas of:  Coppermine Road (near the Burlington town line), Lake Garda, Burlington, River and West District Roads, New Britain Avenue from Rt. 177 to Coppermine Road, Walnut Farms and Meadow Roads.
Crew-3: Areas of:  Farmington Center, Route 10 to the Plainville town line, Pinnacle Road west on Scott Swamp Road to the Bristol town line, Plainville Avenue area from the Plainville town line to the Cope Farms area.
 Crew-4: Areas of:  Mountain, Middle and Old Mountain Roads, Oakland Gardens, Town Farm Road to Brickyard Road.
 Crew-5: Areas of:  Birdseye, Lexton, Gail, Fienemann, Two Mile and Batterson Park Roads, South Road from Two Mile to Woodruff Roads, Woodruff and Woodpond Roads.


The Second Phase will immediately follow the First Phase in the remaining areas of Town:

Areas of:  Knollwood Road, Woewassa Lane to Northwoods Road, Pinewood Drive and Tanglewood Road. 
Areas of:  Burlington Road and River Road vicinities.
Areas of:  Hyde Road, off of Spring Lane on to Route 6, toward Judson Lane, Centerbrook Drive and Fairlawn Street on towards Route 6 toward the Bristol town line.
Crew-4: Areas of:  Old Mountain, Talcott Notch and Mountain Spring Roads.
Areas of:  South Road toward Robin, Two Mile and Batterson Park Roads on to Lakeview Drive. Holmes Circle and Berkshire Drive.


Once the First Collection has been completed throughout the Town, the Second and Third Collection (weather permitting) will continue in the same order.