Community and Recreational Services

Community & Recreational Services

"The Community and Recreational Services Department continues its mission to manage resources, provide wholesome programming and coordinate opportunities to achieve creative solutions for a healthy community."

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Welcoming one family at a time...

The Town of Farmington is committed to providing safe, suitable housing conditions for all. The town administers several programs that target low to moderate income individuals and/or families. In 1972 the Housing Authority was established and works to further affordable housing in Farmington.


General Housing Information

Click here for a list of apartments, subsidized/affordable housing, senior, and assisted living complexes in Farmington/Unionville.


Fair Rent Commission

The Fair Rent Commission is empowered by state and local law to address the rent paid by an individual tenant who files a complaint regarding the amount of rent or rental increase for the apartment occupied by that tenant. After a formal complaint is received the staff does a site inspection and presents a report to the Commission. Poor maintenance, needed repairs, or code violations endangering health and safety are noted. The Commission works in conjunction with the health, fire, and other city departments to promote safe housing. If the staff cannot mediate problems between the landlord and tenant, the Commission holds a public hearing. Repairs may be ordered or rent may be adjusted and/or escrowed until problems are resolved.


Fair Housing

The Farmington Community Services office is the site to empower and educate the community on a variety of fair housing initiatives.