• Applications for temporary state pistol permits are available at the police department.

  • Assault Weapon Certificates and Magazine Declaration forms are available through the Connecticut State Police. Applicants are responsible for producing their own thumbprints.

Requesting Police Reports

Copies of police reports are available upon request in person or by mail. There is a fifty cent charge per side copied. If you want reports mailed, you must provide a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

The Farmington Police Department is required under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to disclose certain records when a request is made in writing. However, some records may not be available for release because of certain exceptions, or they may have been destroyed in accordance with state statute. You may find more information on this at The Connecticut Freedom of Information website.

Accident reports are available on-line by selecting the following link. Accident Reports Now Available.  When entering the accident report case number do not enter dashes, enter zeros in place of the dashes to create a 10 digit case number...for example:  

For case number 16-122 enter 1600000122 or for case number 16-11111 enter 1600011111.    

Requesting a Records Check

Anticipating new employment, adoption, visas for foreign travel? Bring a photo ID to the records unit and we will be happy to do a records check for you. Only Farmington records will be searched. For a statewide criminal history check, you may visit the State Police Bureau of Identification.

Requesting Reports of Criminal Activity or Accidents at a Specific Location

Moving to a new location? Looking for safer streets? We will gladly do a report of a specific type of activity at a specific location for a specific time period.

Requesting to Hire an Officer for an Extra Duty Job

Are you doing a construction job? Having an event with a large anticipated crowd? Please call the Records Department to hire an extra duty officer. These officers will ensure a safe event or job site. Call us at (860) 675-2420 and we will post your request.

Violations of Town Codes

Town Codes govern a multitude of specific areas of legislation such as parking, blighted buildings, zoning, and alarms.

Citations may be issued for violations of these town codes. Rules for paying these citations are spelled out in the codes. If one feels that these citations were issued in error or that there are mitigating factors, Chapter 91 explains the citation hearing process whereby you would be able to appeal to a citation. An impartial hearing officer would then make a judgment as to your appeal.

Do you have an alarm system? Please keep in mind that false alarms are counted for each location in town, and for more than three in a one year period there will be a charge. This period runs from July 1 through June 30 annually. See Chapter 75 – Alarm Systems for more detail information.

Requests for Permits

Do you need a raffle permit or a peddling or soliciting license? Please file your applications in the records department. We will assure smooth sailing with the state for your raffle permit. See Town Code Chapter 144 for information on obtaining a license for peddler and soliciting.