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Every October 1st, the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) compiles a list of registered vehicles in each town. This list is keyed off the town code on file with the DMV for each vehicle. This list is sent to each town Assessor to price and provide to the Tax Collector to bill the following July 1st. Bills are mailed at the end of June and are due in full July 1st, payable by the first business day of August. To avoid a penalty, payment must be postmarked, hand delivered or made online by the first business day of August. Payments made after the first business day of August will incur interest at the rate of 1.5% per month calculated back to the July 1st due date (August interest charge is 3%; 1.5% for July, 1.5% for August). Any vehicle registered October 2nd through July 31st will be part of the Supplemental billing due in January of the following year.  Taxes are collectible for 15 years from the due date of the tax and adjustments to the tax can only be made to a tax bill if the proper paperwork is received by the Assessor within 27 months from the assessment date.

Please note:

If the Assessor provides an adjusted assessment based on sufficient documentation of the disposal of your vehicle, the adjusted tax must be paid in full by the first business day in August. It is recommended that you pay the bill in full and we will process a refund form for any credit balance over $5.00. There are no exceptions.

Assessor’s office contact information:
Phone: 860.675.2370
Fax: 860.675.2376

The link below provides a list of acceptable forms of proof to adjust a motor vehicle tax bill. All questions and documentation should be sent directly to our Assessor’s office:
Required documentation for motor vehicle assessment changes

Please note - adjustments to motor vehicle bills can only be made from 27 months from the assessment date of the bill.




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