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Temporary RECORDhub Subscription

To facilitate greater access to your online records, we will be implementing a temporary RECORDhub subscription for Connecticut Town Clerks with NO SUBSCRIPTION FEE and $2.00 per page prints for your customers. This new temporary subscription will be available starting at 12:00 am on Monday, March 23, 2020, and will continue until further notice. The subscription will be named "Land Records – Temporary No Fee"and will be available in the list of subscription options for your town. This is a “day forward” option beginning March 23, 2020. All current RECORDhub subscriptions will remain in effect.

Please know that Cott is committed to providing continued service to your office. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Customer Support: 1-800-588-2688, or

The Town Clerk's office maintains records pertaining to property transactions in the Town of Farmington such as deeds, mortgages, liens, maps, condominium documents, easements and certain probate matters. Recording fees are $60.00 for the first page of a documents and $5.00 for each subsequent page.  If it is a Mortgage Electronics Registration System (MERS) please call for pricing. When recording a document with conveyance consideration, an additional $2.00 fee is charged to cover administrative costs for filing the forms with the State of Connecticut Revenue Department. The recording fee for a map is $20.00. The recording fee for a subdivision map of more than three parcels is $30.00 per page. Copies of land records are available for $1.00 per copy and maps are $2.00 per copy. There is a $2.00 fee to certify a copy of a document. State of Connecticut statutes set all fees and charges.

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Electronic recording is now available to record documents in the Farmington land records. The Town of Farmington has contracted with the following vendors for this service:

Name Phone
 Email Address
ERecording Partners
Corporation Service Company
Simplifile  1-800-460-5657  
Indecomm Global Services

 If you have any questions about electronic recording, please call the Town Clerk's Office at 860-675-2380.