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Farmington High School Building Committee

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 At the October 10, 2017 Regular Town Council Meeting, the Council unanimously voted to disband the FHS Building Committee and thanked the Committee for all their hard work.

In May 2018, the Town Council formed the following Ad Hoc Committees (click for more information):

FHS Facility & Financial Ad Hoc Committee

FHS Community Survey Ad Hoc Committee


Download the June 5, 2017 Special Town Meeting Presentation

 Questions and/or comments should be directed to:

Kathy Greider, Superintendent


Kathy Blonski, Town Manager



Charge of the Committee
Statement of Needs

Studies & Reviews: 

Acoustic Study: May 2013
Auditorium Study: November 2013
Enrollment Projection Report: March 2016
FHS Acoustic Study: May 2015
NEASC Review and Report: September 2015 (visit), February 2016 (report)
Office of Civil Rights Review: April 2014
TECTON FHS Facility Review: January 2015


Meeting Videos

6/28/17 FHS Building Committee Meeting
5/3/17 FHS Building Committee Meeting
4/5/17 FHS Building Committee Meeting
3/22/17 FHS Building Committee Meeting
3/6/17 Video Tour of FHS
3/1/17 FHS Building Committee Meeting
2/8/17 FHS Building Committee Meeting
1/25/17 FHS Building Committee Meeting
1/4/17 FHS Building Committee Meeting
12/14/16 FHS Building Committee Meeting
12/7/16 FHS Building Committee Meeting
11/30/16 FHS Building Committee Meeting


Approved January 12, 2016

To perform the following actions pertaining to the Farmington High School Renovation project in accordance with Chapter 53, “Public Buildings”, of the Farmington Town Code: 

1)   Approve the attached Statement of Needs regarding the Farmington High School renovation which was approved by the Farmington Board of Education at its April 7, 2015 Board meeting and,

2)   Appoint a Farmington High School Renovation Committee consisting of the following voting members:

 William Wadsworth, Chair

 Mecheal Hamilton, Board of Education member 

 Johnny Carrier, Resident

 Jean Baron, Resident

 Hilary Donald, Resident  

 Dan Kleinman, Resident 

 Justin Bernier, Resident

And the following non-voting members:

Meredith Trimble,Town Council Liaison

Kathleen Blonski, Town Manager

Kathleen Greider, Superintendent

Russ Arnold, Dir. of Public Works/Town Engineer  

Vincent La Fontan, School Business Manager

Bill Silva, High School Principal

Tim Harris, Dir. of School Facilities Maintenance 

Kathryn Howroyd, Clerk for the Committee

 3)   Charge the Farmington High School Renovation Committee, in addition to the general responsibilities included in Chapter 53 of the Farmington Town Code, to complete the following:

 a)   That the Committee shall complete an extensive review of the Farmington High School Facility Report (Report) prepared by Tecton Architects, dated February 2015, and the Statement of Needs approved by the Board of Education to gain a better understanding of the existing conditions of the entire building.

 b)   That after the review is completed, and working through the Superintendent of Schools, the Committee will prioritize the high school facility needs based on the Statement of Needs, the Facilities Report, and any other findings.

 c)   That once needs are prioritized, the Committee will develop various strategies to address the priorities.  The establishment of priorities shall include, but not be limited to, the consideration of educational requirements, code requirements, ADA requirements, safety requirements, space needs, and phasing of the project.

 d)   The Committee will then develop building project(s) based upon their priorities and financial impact.

 4)   To enable the Committee to complete their Charge and prepare recommendations the Committee will need to hire an architect to prepare preliminary concept plans and cost estimates for the various project(s).

 5)   If funding is approved, the Committee will hire an architect in accordance with Section 53-4 Section B (1) of the Town Code.

 6)   After the review of preliminary plans and cost estimates as prepared by the architect, the Committee will recommend a project scope with cost estimates to the Town Council for consideration.