Quality of Life & Streetscape Improvements

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Charge of the Committee pertaining to Quality of Life & Streetscape Improvements:

  • To recommend quality of life enhancements (sidewalks, street trees, landscaping, street furniture, historic markers, way finding signage and universal design improvements) for the Farmington Village Center Study area.

Studies to date

Next steps

  • Improve the landscaping and visual interest of the major new traffic island at the Main Street/Route 4 intersection. This treatment will include the introduction of public art as a visual element amongst new plantings, including perennials and grasses.
  • Develop a walking tour map that highlights key historical building/sites, destinations, and features in the study area. This map will build off of previously prepared maps, with various themes, to provide one unified map that can be provided to visitors and residents alike.


  • Where can I find the BSC Group’s documents related to the Farmington Village Center Streetscape Improvement plan?
  • Will the new signs the State installed that obstruct people walking on the sidewalk be removed?
  • Will there be better landscaping and flowers planted?