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The Farmington High School Community Survey Ad Hoc Committee selected the Center for Research and Public Policy (CRPP) to collect input regarding citizen attitudes towards and willingness to finance a high school project.  Using a qualitative research design, CRPP received 400 completed phone surveys among Farmington, CT residents from October 17-25, 2018. Survey design was a careful, deliberative process to ensure fair, objective and balanced surveys. The FHS Community Survey Ad Hoc Committee provided survey input and CRPP staff, with years of survey design experience, edited out any bias. All scales used by CRPP (either numeric, such as one through ten, or wording such as strongly agree, somewhat agree, somewhat disagree, or strongly disagree) were balanced evenly, and the placement of questions was carefully accomplished so that order has minimal impact.

The survey included the following areas for investigation:

  • Quality of life living in Farmington;
  • Current standard of living;
  • Rating Farmington Town services;
  • Rating Farmington Public Schools;
  • Interest in and perceived importance of Farmington High School upgrades/updates;
  • Awareness levels for Statement of Need required high school repairs;
  • Overall support or opposition to modifying Farmington High School;
  • Support and opposition to new construction/renovation at varied cost levels/tax impact levels;
  • Sources for information about the Farmington school system and town;
  • Views on the 2017 high school referendum-support or opposition;
  • Reasons for 2017 support or opposition in the referendum
  • Understanding of the 2017 proposed high school project costs;
  • Demographics.

The survey conducted by CRPP is approximately proportional to population contributions of Farmington, without significant over-or-under representation of various geographic or demographic groups within a sampling frame. A “super random digit” sampling procedure was utilized to derive a working telephone sample of both listed and unlisted telephone numbers. In addition, a “mixed access” sample of both cell and landline phone numbers was utilized. Each qualified resident who lives in Farmington had an equal chance for participating in the study.

Statistically, the sample of 400 surveys had an associated margin for error of +/- 4.85% at a 95% confidence interval.

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