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Approved January 14, 2009

For the Town Council and Board of Education to Establish a Joint Environmental Task Force to Examine and Recommend opportunities and Initiatives that may Provide Municipal and Board of Education Cost Savings, Increase Public Awareness and Encourage Town and Board of Education Participation in “Green” Efforts with the following charges:

  1. Increase public awareness and municipal participation in “green” efforts including energy conservation, renewable resources, recycling, and other environmentally friendly practices.
  2. Establish a leadership role in the community in promoting environmentally friendly practices in town.
  3. Explore ways to fund “green” initiatives.
  4. Participate in the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund’s 20% x 2010 Clean Energy campaign and serve as the Energy Task Force as required for participation in the Environmental Protection Agency’s (New England) Community Energy Challenge.
  5. To make recommendations to the Town Council and Board of Education for cost effective ways to reduce the Town’s reliance on traditional energy resources.
  6. Find ways to facilitate private initiatives.



Members to the Sub-Committee:

  • Patricia Boye-Williams, Town Council Member
  • Betty DaCruz, Resident
  • Christopher Fagan, Board of Education Member
  • Andrea Sobinski, Board of Education Member
  • Cate Grady-Benson, Resident
  • Rodger Phillips, Resident
  • Stacey Petruzella, Resident

Non-Voting Members:

  • Russ Arnold, Director of Public Works and Development Services
  • Kathleen Eagen, Town Manager
  • Kathleen Greider, Superintendent of Schools
  • Tim Harris, Director of School Facilities
  • Erica Robertson, Assistant Town Manager
  • Shannon Rutherford, Assistant Town Planner

The Committee shall report back to the Town Council and Board of Education on a quarterly basis